Savoy Series Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Silent Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Made to measure Double Doors From $699*

Silent Wheels
SAVOY Series Wardrobe Sliding Doors feature as our Premium Wardrobe Sliders.

Quality abounds from this fabulous door series. They Glide Beautifully and the nearest whisper of movement can be sensed when these doors are in motion.

Designed for the most discerning customer who appreciates and acknowledges the quality

Quad Top wheels ensure that the SAVOY Sliding Doors achieve their smooth action, whilst the internal Bottom Wheels complete the quality of this door series. The latest technology has been embraced to manufacture a door that will provide years of great reliability.

Standard Frame and Track colour options are White, Silver and Cream.

We can cater for your special colours where available

SAVOY Series Sliding doors are available in Double, Triple and Quad combinations and the Maximum opening size of 5metres.

Panel choices include White, MDF(unpainted) and Luxurious Mirror Glass or you may prefer your personal panels choice from the large ranges available from Local melamine producers.

All Savoy Series doors are made to individual requirements.

Double Doors are made to fit openings up to 2400mm High x 2400mm Wide.

Triple Doors are made to fit openings up to 2400mm High x 3600mm Wide.

For door heights in excess of 2400mm High refer to our Sectional Panel Doors.

Installation Guidelines

Please note; for doors to work effectively the Sides of the door opening must be Plumb and the Floor level. The measurements of the left and right sides should not vary by more than 5mm and the measurements between the bottom and top should not vary by more than three mm.
We do not recommend putting Bottom tracks on top of carpet.
Regency Wardrobes will take no responsibility for doors where they are required to fit in an opening outside of these guidelines.
When ordering please ensure the measurements you provide are correct.

At Regency Sliding Wardrobe Doors we have incorporated the very latest advances in Sliding Wardrobe Door technology to present a range of Sliding Wardrobe Doors that are unquestionably the very best.

When considering a purchase of Sliding Wardrobe Doors you can be assured that any of the great doors from Regency Wardrobe Sliding Door Company will deliver satisfying results.

All our doors run with a smooth, quite action and there is not a rattle to be heard from any of our doors.

Our attention to incorporate the best quality materials and components guarantee our customers that the Wardrobe Sliding Doors they purchase from Regency Sliding Door Company will be still providing excellent service for years to come.

All the components used in our doors are made to our exacting standards and all components have been developed by our engineers to ensure they perform perfectly every time. This is our commitment to controlling quality and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Our ranges of doors are designed to cover all pricing and exceed customers’ demands for quality and value.

From our Silver Series through to our Silent series the built in quality standard is paramount and ensures our valuable customers get the best quality available at the very best price.

Unlike some door manufacturers, our door tracks and frames will not rust!

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